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A bit about Highbred (Interview he did for THM)

Describe your playing style to someone who has never listen to you before.

I could describe myself as a very energetic and open-minded person.

Combined, these two qualities result in a lot of very creative ideas.

I enjoy so many different types of music and therefore love to incorporate as much of these different music styles and genres into my own sets, I have been known for being very diverse when it comes to playing a set and love to be unpredictable.

What inspired you to start DJing/producing?

I have always loved music and have played my fair share of instruments growing up but to be honest...

I was sitting in my dorm room back in first year University and randomly looked over to my buddy and said "I want to be a Dj".

Next thing you know, I found an old controller online and 3 hours later i had it in front of me.

From there, I met a couple of awesome guys that threw parties and events in the area and they showed me the ropes of DJing.

I always wanted more though. So I started throwing my own parties and even started to learn producing and etc.

I just wanted to get involved in all parts of the music scene realistically!

What is your favourite genre of music? Outside of dance music?

I play dubstep! I was a huge metal kid back in the day so this kind of came from that.

Outide of dance music I still have a very diverse library of music that I listen to.

I grew up in a small town so i will always have a heart for my countries Folk Music, but i also loved Heavy Metal/rock music.

Linkin Park was always one of my favourite groups, their sound was nothing like I had ever heard before so this could have lead me being so intrigued with different electronic music styles.

What Are your hobbies outside of music?

Any extreme sport is right up my ally.

Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Kite boarding, Biking.

You name it, I probably do it. I can say though, I do play a lot of video games in my spare time. 

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